Cord Cutting and the Future of Home Security


We’re approaching an inevitable – and exciting – end to traditional TV programming in Canada. The term “cord cutting” has steadily made its way into household conversations across the country, as thousands of people choose internet-based streaming services for entertainment. Services like Netflix, CraveTV, Amazon, and even Youtube, don’t just compete with cable TV – they replace it.

Why is cord cutting such a game changer? It’s a cheaper, more efficient option to expensive cable TV packages. Add in years of dealing with annoying outages, surprise bill charges, and notoriously bad customer service, and it’s plain to see why Canadians are ready for better options.

At the end of 2017, 4.14 million Canadian households, or about 28 percent, were cord-cutters or cord-nevers (never had cable). That's up from 3.8 million, about 26 percent in 2016. According to an annual breakdown of North American TV habits by Convergence Research Group, Canadian households with streaming service subscriptions will outnumber those with cable TV by the end of 2020.

The cord cutting mindset that’s taking Canada by storm isn’t contained to cable TV vs. streaming services. More and more people are seeking budget-friendly ways to leverage technology and get the personalized services they want – while ditching the rest. Canadian homeowners are now challenging the idea that the only option for home security is through large companies like ADT, Rogers Home Monitoring, Vivint, Frontpoint, and more. Many of the same frustrations that encouraged Canadians to cut cable TV are present in home security – Long-term contracts, expensive monthly fees, installation charges, and bad customer service experiences. There is a modern and economical solution.

That's why we created Safe by HUB6 to give homeowners freedom from monthly fees. We want to help keep more of their hard earned dollars in their pocket by saying goodbye to the $40-$60 monthly fees they used to pay the big security companies for their subpar monitoring services.Instead of paying a stranger in a call centre to respond to your alarms, our system pushes notifications directly to you or a trusted neighbour who can look out for your home. Finally, you can leverage the existing security hardware already installed in your home plus the community networks you know and trust.

With real-time status updates and the ability to arm or disarm your system directly from your smartphone, no matter where you are, Canadian homeowners are taking back control – and saving big. Safe by HUB6 customers save an average of $600 every year by canceling their security contracts.

The next big step for cord cutting is shifting from a mindset that focuses solely on cable TV to discovering new ways that technology can be leveraged to help Canadians save. With Safe by HUB6 you’ll get the fair, flexible home monitoring you deserve – without sacrificing protection. Make the switch to Safe by HUB6 today and build a safer, smarter community.

– The HUB6 Team



The HUB6 Team