How Does Home Monitoring Actually Work?

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Many homeowners have experienced first-hand how intimidating it can be to deal with large security providers. A quick search through Reddit shows forum after forum of frustrated people sharing how they’re dodging unwanted door-to-door sales and never-ending calls from company reps. In the aggressive pursuit of getting your signature at the bottom of their long-term contract, these salespeople gloss over how their services actually work to protect their family. We’re taking a look at how traditional home monitoring systems actually work.

The basics of home alarm monitoring are standard across all security companies. The alarm system set up in your home is programmed to communicate with a signal receiver at your security provider’s central station. When an alarm goes off in your home, the information relayed from your alarm system to the central station is:

  • Your name and address,

  • The type of alarm signal,

  • The zone(s) or device(s) that triggered the signal.

The central station accepts the incoming alarm information, and a dispatch operator is notified. In order to reduce the chance of a false alarm, the operator is required to manually call through your provided list of emergency contacts to verify if the alarm is real. If there is no answer at any of the numbers called, the operator then calls the police and/or fire department.

When you pay your monthly fees to large companies like ADT, Rogers Home Monitoring, Vivint, and more, you aren’t paying for “active monitoring” – You’re paying for the dispatch operator to call through your emergency contact when your alarm is set off.

We created the Safe by HUB6 system to help homeowners cut unnecessary, expensive monthly fees. Instead of paying $40-$60 each month for a stranger in a call center miles away to call your list of friends and family in an emergency, you can take back control and directly receive your alarm notifications. You or a trusted neighbour can call emergency services if necessary, and lose the middleman that’s not actively protecting you.

Our system leverages the community networks you already know and trust to keep your home protected. Here’s how:

  1. Safe by HUB6 connects to the existing security system hardware already installed in your home.

  2. It redirects alerts triggered by your system to the HUB6 app instead of a security monitoring centre.

  3. You or a trusted neighbour added to your neighbourhood can assess the alarm and contact emergency services as needed.

Home security shouldn’t be intimidating nor costly. Finally, homeowners can be empowered and free themselves from monthly monitoring fees – without sacrificing protection.

–The HUB6 Team


The HUB6 Team