No More False Alarm Charges

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False alarms – the bane of every homeowner’s existence. Police, firefighters, and first responders spend a significant amount of time each year investigating false alarms. Not only are false alarms a frustrating drain on public resources, it’s homeowners who take the financial hit for them.

There are many reasons why false alarms happen:

  • Low batteries in the system,

  • Forgetting your security code, or not getting in and out of your house in the allotted time frame,

  • Pets that set off motion sensors,

  • Bad weather storms and power outages, or

  • Family members and friends who are unfamiliar with your system.

There’s more scenarios that can cause a false alarm than even the most prepared homeowner can anticipate and get ahead of. It’s unrealistic to be home during every single storm to make sure nothing’s set off your system – and even less fun to be thinking about your alarm system when you’re away. More so, it’s complicated and unrealistic to teach every single person who enters your home – from your babysitter, to your dog walker, to your parents – how to use your system… and remember perfectly.

The unnecessary confusion around false alarms is another reason why we set out to create the Safe by HUB6 system. It’s time to say goodbye to false alarms for good.

Safe by HUB6 redirects alerts from your existing home security system to your smartphone. With the HUB6 app you receive real-time alerts, can check the status of your home, and arm or disarm your system. When an alarm is triggered, you’ll clearly see the zones and devices that have been set off and be able to investigate further. Not home? You can easily add a trusted neighbour to receive the same alerts and they can clear false alarms on your behalf. You’ll never have to sweat an unexpected visit from the fire department again.

We’re excited to give homeowners across Canada the ultimate peace of mind that comes with no more false alarm fees. Take back control of your system and build a safer, smarter community with Safe by HUB6.

–The HUB6 Team


The HUB6 Team