The HUB6 Top 6: Fall Smart Home Security Safety Tips

It’s the first day of fall! By now, the kids have settled into their regular school routines and the whole family has their sights set on the fast-approaching holiday season. Now is the perfect time to make sure your home security is ready for change too!

Here are our top home security tips to keep your family safe this fall:

1. Check Your Home’s Entry Points

Walk around the entire exterior of your house and assess potential burglar entry points. Vents and doggy doors can create unusual access opportunities, and should always be carefully monitored. Now is also the best time to check the trees that surround your home. Fewer leaves makes them easier to climb, so access which branches are potentially climbable. If it looks like a tree can give access to an upstairs window, it may be best to consider cutting the branch back.

2. Put Away The Gardening Tools

When you’re raking the leaves or cleaning out the gutters this fall, remember to always put your tools back in the garage or locked shed. A rake or shovel can be used to break a window, and a burglar can use a ladder to get to the upper windows of your home. Simply taking away these tools can minimize your break-in risk significantly.

3. Turn On The Lights

Light is a great burglar deterrent, but we’re going to be getting less and less of it each day until the spring. Set a time with your family that the outdoor lights go on each evening, like right when the kids get home from school, and make it a habit. Better yet, set up automatic lights with timers that you can control from your phone. Keep the lights that are on rotating each day, especially when you’re not home, to make it look like you’re home.

4. Set Up Multiple Family Member Accounts

You can connect an unlimited number of smartphones to your Safe by HUB6 smart security system on the HUB6 app. Now’s a good time to check that everyone who needs access has their own account – The dog walker? Your parents? Make sure they’re easily connected to your home.

5. Keep Your Safe by HUB6 Armed “Stay”

Now that everyone has an account… Are your kids or the babysitter home before you’re back from work? Make sure the arm your system on “Stay” mode when they’re home. This will only turn on your door sensors, window sensors and glass-break detectors. “Stay” mode will not turn on interior sensors, like motion sensors, so that your indoor activities won’t trigger the alarm system.

6. Build Your Neighbourhood

It’s always helpful to have extra eyes looking out for you. Double (even triple and quadruple!) your home protection by inviting trusted friends and family to your Neighbourhood on the HUB6 app. If an alarm is triggered in your home, they’ll be alerted right away and can communicate with your to address the issue. False alarms can be cleared with ease and, if necessary, emergency services can be called on your behalf.

Keep these tips in mind as we head into the fall season! Don't have your Safe by HUB6 yet? Upgrade your existing hardwired alarm to a smart home monitoring system today!