Safe by HUB6 Adds Honeywell Compatibility

Millions of more homeowners can upgrade their existing home security systems to be free from monthly fees and build safer, smarter communities.

We have big news! Homeowners with Honeywell security systems can now upgrade their traditional hardwired alarm systems to a no-fee smart home monitoring system using Safe by HUB6.

Check if your model number is on our Safe by HUB6 compatibility list:

  • Honeywell Vista 20P

  • Honeywell Vista 21iP

  • Honeywell 15P

  • Honeywell 10P

Innovation in DIY smart home security took a giant leap forward in North America last year with the launch of Safe by HUB6 which allows homeowners to upgrade their legacy hardwired alarms into cost-effective, community-oriented monitoring systems.

“If you’re tired of old school service providers, with inflexible contracts and egregious monthly fees, Safe by HUB6 provides a fantastic monitoring alternative,” said Tony Chen, Co-Founder of Safe by HUB6. “With the addition of Honeywell, even more home and business owners can break free from contracts and unfair fees.”

Safe by HUB6 also helps homeowners seamlessly connect with neighbours for ultimate security. They can add trusted family and friends to their Neighbourhood on the app – even those that don’t have their own Safe – so they too are notified in real-time if an alarm is activated.

If an alarm is triggered, Neighbourhood members can communicate together in the app to investigate further and/or contact emergency services efficiently. “Homeowners enjoy the peace of mind knowing that real people who know their home and family are actively watching out for their safety. With Safe, smart homes have the power to become smart communities,” said Chen.

As we continue to grow we look forward to helping even more homeowners save money, strengthen communities, and improve safety.

–The HUB6 Team