Is your security system compatible with Safe by HUB6?

Safe by HUB6 is compatible with most DSC and Honeywell security systems. Follow the steps to check if your system is compatible.

Step 1.

Compare your keypad to the DSC or Honeywell images below to see if it’s a match. Please note, if you have a keypad that looks the same as one of the compatibility images, but your system has more or less zones, your system may still be compatible.


DSC Keypads


Honeywell Keypads


Step 2. for DSC Systems

To confirm compatibility, check your system’s model number. Locate your Security System Control Panel box, which will look like this:


There may be a model number printed on the outside of the System Control Panel box, but this may not match the actual model number of your system. It’s important to open the System Control Panel box and locate the sticker on the circuit board that lists the accurate model number:


Step 2. for Honeywell Systems

To confirm compatibility, check your system’s model number by locating and opening your Security System Control Panel box. You will see a microchip that says Honeywell with the model number underneath.


Step 3.

Check if your model number is on our Safe by HUB6 compatibility list:


DSC PC1616 6-16

DSC PC1832 8-32

DSC PC1864 8-64

DSC Power432™ (PC580) 4-32

DSC Power632™ (PC1555MX) 6-32

DSC Power832® (PC5010/5015) 8-32

DSC Power864™ (PC5020) 8-64

Honeywell Vista20P

Honeywell 21iP

Honeywell 15P

Honeywell 10P


If you're still unsure about compatibility, snap a photo of the sticker on your circuit panel and email it to us at, and we will help you determine if your system is compatible.


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