Is my security system compatible with Safe by HUB6?
Safe by HUB6 is compatible with most DSC and Honeywell security systems.

Need help determining if your specific system is compatible with Safe by HUB6? Check out our step-by-step compatibility information to see if your system is supported.

How do I install my Safe by HUB6?


Your kit comes with everything you need to install the system yourself. No expertise or special tools are required, and all you need is 30 minutes or less. We include step-by-step instructions. Take a look how easy it is in our video above. When you’re done, you can cancel your current security service plan, download our app, and start monitoring your home yourself.

How can I get my Safe by HUB6 installed by a Jiffy handyperson?
COMING SOON: If you live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ottawa, or Boston, you can add installation by a Jiffy expert Smart Home Installer to your purchase. Add “Jiffy Installation” to your cart on our web store. You will receive an email to book your installation location, date and time.

What comes in the box?
When you open your new Safe by HUB6 kit, you’ll find everything you need to get started. 


Also included: Installation guide and extension wires
Tools you may need: Pliers and a flathead screwdriver

What wires do I connect first?
For wires or t-clip, connect Green/Yellow/Black/Red in that order.

What is the best way to connect our Safe by HUB6 to the internet? Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi?
An ethernet cable is your best option. Wi-Fi will also work as long as you can ensure the Wi-Fi signal is strong and stable where your Safe by HUB6 device is located.    

How many smartphones can be connected to one Safe by HUB6 device?
You can connect an unlimited number of smartphones to one Safe by HUB6 through the HUB6 app.

How does Safe by HUB6 allow my neighbors to watch over my home?

You can add your trusted neighbors to your HUB6 app, and if an emergency occurs, they will receive an alert. Then, they can notify the appropriate emergency services on your behalf. 


How do I set up different users for the app?
To set up additional users, the new user must first download and setup the app on their device. Then, open the app on your own device and click the "More" option. Click "Device”, select the premises name, and click “Add user”.

How do I set up zones with Safe by HUB6?

There are several scenarios in which you might find yourself when you're setting up the zones with your new SAFE unit:

Scenario 1:
You do not know any of the existing zones in your home. This is common for people who have just moved into a new home with an existing security system, have a new system in their home, or haven't used their existing system for a long time.

1. Register your SAFE unit.
2. Open the Zone Status Tab in the HUB6 app. 
3. Open your front door, and you should see a zone appear in your zone list. (e.g. “Zone 6, Status: Open.”)
4. Edit the zone info to give the zone a name (e.g. “Front door”) and a type (e.g. "Door.") You do not need to change the zone number. 
5. Test all of the security zones in your home (e.g. other doors, windows, motion sensors) until all of your zone sensors have been triggered and added to your HUB6 app. 


Scenario 2: 
You already know the zones of your home and the descriptions for each zone. 

1. Open the Zone Status Tab in the HUB6 app.  
2. Starting from Zone 1 on the list, click on Add New Zones.
3. Type in zone name (e.g. “Front door”)
4. Choose zone type (e.g. “Door”/”Window”/”Motion sensor,” etc.)
5. Type in zone number (“1”, ”2”, "3", etc.)
6. Click save.
7. Repeat the steps to continue adding all of your zones. 


Scenario 3:
You do not have a complete list of the zones in your home, but you know some of them. For instance, you know Zone 1 is the front door, and Zone 5 is the back door, but you don’t know what Zone 2 is.

Add the zones you know using the method described in Scenario 2 above. Then perform the method in Scenario 1 to idenitify the rest of the sensors and zones in your home.

Is there a bypass function on the HUB6 app?
Unfortunately not. You can only bypass on your keypad.


Do you have a question that we haven’t included here? Please reach out and ask us.